Employee Benefits That Your Team Will Love And so Will Your Pocket

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The best companies to work for look after their teams and value their staff. The most successful businesses are comprised of people who are engaged, satisfied and loyal. Providing perks and engagement tools helps build stronger teams and incentivises workers to aspire to greatness.

Here’s a few free and cheap ways to do that.

Get Flexible

  • Offer work from home days.It could be twice a year or twice a week, whatever is realistic for your business.

  • Allow flexible working.Set core hours, if necessary and allow flexibility around those times.

  • Offer an extra day holiday for Xmas shopping or birthdays.

  • Flexibility is a big winner for employees.It could be the difference between someone taking you job or leaving your role.

Think Wellness

  • Provide cycle to work schemes

  • Provide healthy lunches every so often, or free fruit.

  • Offer standing desks or encourage walking meetings.

  • We spend a huge amount of time at work.Keeping employees well should be your priority and you should demonstrate how important that is to you with actions.

Hook up with On-line Perk providers.

On-line perk providers offer cloud based on-demand perks that fits with employees’ lifestyle.  Benefits include free phone insurance, discounts from supermarket, discounts on gym membership, nursery costs and discounted health plans. 

For a small fee (from £4 a month per person) your employees can make substantial savings on costs they already incur.  It could be worth thousands of pounds to them. 

Those savings add significant financial advantages to joining and remaining with company.  Helping you to be more competitive in the marketplace.   Perkbox and stafftreats.com offer a good range of attractive perks, all available with an easy to administer benefits platform that you can brand as your company.  Additionally, on-line providers also deliver social reward and recognition tools, so you can send your appreciation to your teams. 

New learning

Provide time for leaning new skills.  Support for professional exams can be expensive, but there are many free on-line learning tools where employees can brush up their existing skills or continue their professional development.

The Open University offer a range of free business courses and edx offer an excellent range of supply chain courses from reputable Universities including MIT.


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Improve your staff retention.  Reducing recruiting costs helping you to grow your business faster.


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