5 Secrets to Insanely Compelling Job Ads

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Getting the best applicants through the door, will depend on how persuasive your job advert is.   You need to engage the reader from the outset, get them to see themselves in the role and get them to act on that vision.  No longer is a list of “essential and desired” skills a means to entice people into your business. In a candidate shortage, you’re really going to need to sell it.

Here are 5 key elements for writing a job advert:

1              Simple Job Title and Industry

Just keep this bit simple – if it’s a Supply Chain Manager role, then just say that.  Forget about “Rock Stars” and “Gurus”, no-one searches for those roles.  Candidates will search for “Supply Chain Manager” or “S&OP” OR “planning” and may use the industry type “food” or “retail” etc.  Just keep this bit simple its more about keyword search than flamboyancy.

2              Compelling Opening Phrase

You’re going to want to capture their attention.  The first couple of sentences are the key differentiators you from your competitors.  Primarily because this is what a candidate will see when searching on a job board from a mobile device.  They will only see the first couple of lines, so make it emotive so they click through to view the job in its entirety and apply.

  • List pay and top-line benefits.

  • Load the opening phrase with your best bits, how long you’ve been in business, interesting clients or projects your working on, or equipment that candidates would be excited about.E.g. “We are a growing award-winning manufacturer of widgets providing widget power to world class projects internationally.” Or

  • Asking a question is a frequently used method. E.g. “Are you an excel junkie?You know the hacks, shortcuts and formula to turn data into something more meaningful?”

3             Describe the role putting the candidate at the heart of it. 

Instead of using headings like “Responsibilities” and “the ideal candidate” use “you’re good at” and describe what a successful person in this role will be able to do, the outcomes that would be expected and the KPI’s that they can deliver.  Not as a list, more like a story.

4             What’s in it for me?

What are the benefits of working with your company.  Include the softer features of your business that benefit candidates too.  Include:

  • Salary, holidays, pension, healthcare and any other benefits (childcare vouchers cycle to work schemes etc).If you are not so competitive for hard benefits, make the softer part of your offer compelling.

  • What the candidate will learn?Opportunities for development / coaching / mentoring.This could be formal or informal.

  • Any technological or physical reason to work for you – best facilities, best industry software, large fleet etc.

  • Additional benefits that are linked to your values or business.Time off for volunteering, charity events that the business takes part in, or the summer BBQ.

5              What’s the process?

Detail what will happen when they apply, what the timelines are, and when they will hear if they are moving through the process.  Don’t leaves candidates in the dark.

Hopefully these tips will enable you to tear up your dusty job adverts and write with your future employee in mind. 


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