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Your CV serves as your professional marketing tool, showcasing your skills, experiences, and achievements to potential employers. While it's crucial to highlight your qualifications, the way you convey your accomplishments can make a significant impact. One effective way to enhance your CV's effectiveness is by incorporating powerful verbs.


Powerful verbs inject energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of accomplishment into your descriptions, capturing the attention of hiring managers and conveying your capabilities more effectively. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using powerful verbs in your CV and provide examples of how they can elevate your document to stand out from the competition.

Enhanced Impact:

Powerful verbs have the ability to transform mundane descriptions into dynamic statements that leave a lasting impression on employers. By choosing strong action words, you can convey a sense of confidence, determination, and expertise. For example, consider how the statement "Managed a team of employees" can be transformed into "Led and empowered a team of high-performing individuals." The latter sentence creates a more compelling image of your leadership abilities and stands out among other candidates who may have used generic terms.

Clear and Concise Communication:

Using powerful verbs in your CV allows you to communicate your accomplishments in a succinct manner. By choosing precise action words, you can convey your achievements more effectively, leaving no room for ambiguity. For instance, instead of saying "Contributed to the development of a new marketing strategy," you can say "Devised and executed a cutting-edge marketing strategy resulting in a 20% increase in sales." The latter sentence not only highlights your contribution but also provides concrete evidence of your impact.

Active and Engaging Language:

Powerful verbs lend a sense of vitality and engagement to your CV. They help paint a vivid picture of your experiences and achievements, captivating the reader's attention. When you use action-packed words, you infuse your CV with energy and demonstrate your passion for your work. For instance, compare the sentence "Assisted with event planning" to "Orchestrated and flawlessly executed large-scale events, exceeding client expectations." The latter sentence conveys a greater level of involvement and paints you as a proactive and capable professional.

Increased Memorability:

Recruiters and hiring managers often sift through numerous CVs, making it essential to make your document memorable. By employing powerful verbs, you can leave a lasting impression on the reader. These words add a distinct flavour to your accomplishments, making them more memorable and helping you stand out in the minds of potential employers. For example, rather than stating "Managed customer service operations," you can say "Transformed customer service operations, leading to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction scores." The latter sentence creates a memorable impact by highlighting the significant positive change you brought about.

61 Powerful Verbs to use in your CV to describe your experience and accomplishments:

Achieved, Accomplished, Adapted, Administered, Advocated, Analysed, Assembled, Authored, Collaborated, Composed, Convinced, , Coordinated, Crafted, Created, Defined, Delegated, Delivered, Designed, Developed, Directed, Empowered, Enabled, Established, Executed, Facilitated, Generated, Guided, Implemented, Improved, Increased, Influenced, Innovated, ,Inspired, Leading, Managed, Mentored, Mobilised, Negotiated, Orchestrated, Organised, Oversaw, Participated, Performed, Planned, Produced, Received, Recognised, Resolved, Revamped, Spearheaded, Streamlined, Supervised, Supported, Transformed, Troubleshot, Unified, Upgraded, Utilized, Validated, Visualised, Yielded.

Use a Powerful Verb at the start of each bullet point describing your work:

A good way to start is to look at the Powerful Verb list and think about what you can say about yourself with that verb e.g.

  • Managed team of 5 direct reports and total of 40 colleagues
  • Negotiated new service contracts saving 12% on previous year costs

Even if you have very little experience or this is your first CV, you can use powerful verbs:

  • Lead the organisation and planning of a school team project
  • Supported the bar team by collecting glasses in good time to provide continuous service.
  • Delivered excellent customer service to circa 8 tables per shift
  • Recognised by management for being a flexible member of the team, taking on extra shifts where needed.


Utilising powerful verbs in your CV has numerous benefits. They enhance the impact of your accomplishments, communicate your achievements clearly and concisely, engage the reader with active language, and leave a lasting impression. By carefully selecting and incorporating these action words, you can elevate your CV and distinguish yourself from other candidates, increasing your chances of securing the desired job opportunities.  Give it a go!



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