KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs - June 2023

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Introducing the UK Report on Jobs, a comprehensive guide to the dynamic UK labour market. The key takeaways from the June edition are as follows:
  1. Uncertainty hampers staff recruitment: Companies hesitate to hire due to economic uncertainties, resulting in decreased permanent staff appointments. Temporary staff billings show a mild increase.
  2. Rapid rise in candidate supply: Staff availability rises for the fourth consecutive month, with the sharpest upturn since December 2020. Both permanent and temporary staff supply expand at accelerated rates.
  3. Softening of starting pay growth: Starting salaries and temporary wages increase, driven by the rising cost of living and competition for skilled staff. However, pay rate expansion for both permanent and temporary staff slows.
  4. Easing vacancy growth: While overall vacancies continue to rise, the pace of expansion slows for the fourth consecutive month. The growth in permanent vacancies softens, while demand for short-term staff rises.

The UK Report on Jobs provides crucial insights for hiring managers navigating the challenging employment landscape, helping inform their decision-making.

View the full report here: KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs - June 2023

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